The underwater world of the Galapagos is among the most amazing dive sites and most impressive diving destinations. The SCUBA IGUANA staff can show you this world like no other Galapagos dive company can.  We take pride in professionalism and quality service.


Mathias Espinosa and Jack Nelson
Owners and creators of Scuba Iguana, they been partners and great friends for many years.
Mathias came to Galapagos at the age of 23 with the idea to become a Galapagos Naturalist Guide. He is been a diver and guide over 20 years in addition to being an underwater photographer and cameraman. He was operations chief of the dive fleet Galapagos Aggressor for 6 years. Mathias is the dive guide featured with Dr. Carole Baldwin in the IMAX format 3-D movie about the Galapagos Islands. Jack came to Galapagos in 1967 and has worked in tourism ever since. He is a marlinspike seaman, navigator, diver, hotelier and Galapagos Guide. He is an avid sport fisherman and the US Consular Agent in the Galapagos.


Scuba Iguana's pillar! She's been the general manager for 12 years. She came to Galapagos almost 20 years ago and loves the peaceful island life. She makes sure the operation of the dive center runs smoothly through the constant National Park regulation changes.


Our maintenance manager, he supervises and repairs all the dive gear and boats of the dive center. We call him the MacGyver of the Islands. He is a skilled cabinetmaker, refrigeration technician, welder, outboard mechanic, and of course dive regulator repairman.


He's the Capitan of our boats. Tino was born in the islands and was a local fisherman for almost all his life. He got involved in conservation and worked for the Galapagos National Park as ranger, became a diver and knows all the dive sites in the archipelago.


He is our sailor, was born in the Galapagos, loves music and fishing. He is a licensed rescue diver but his passion is to drive the boat, his aspiration is to become our future Capitan. On his free days goes fishing and organizes BBQs.


He's one of our chief guides, learning about diving with Scuba Iguana since he was a young teenager, and now is a licensed Dive Instructor. He is studying biology and loves to take pictures during the dives to know more the behavior of the marine life. He is studying the population of marine turtles around the archipelago using photo identification techniques.


Quike (Keekay)
Came to the islands when he was a baby and lived all his life in Galapagos. Since he was a little boy he began to get involved with the marine environment. He's also one of our chief guides; learning about diving with Scuba Iguana since he was a young teenager, and is now a licensed Dive instructor. Quike has a very friendly and positive character. Loves adventure and aquatic sport and also is a very good underwater photographer.


Daniel Solis
Came to the island when he was a child and grew up surrounded by nature and the aquatic environment. His father taught him to scuba dive since 9 years old. He works in operations of the dive center, internet sales, as dive instructor and dive master. Also operates bike and kayak tours in Santa Cruz Island.


Originally from Canada, she arrived in the island almost 10 years ago, fell in love with the place and stayed on. She started as a dive guide and instructor with Scuba Iguana but now focuses on marketing and product quality as the sales manager. She is a Nutritionist and a well known massage therapist. Has her own Spa, offering sauna, steam room and treatments.


Originally form Quito, she has been living in Galapagos and working for Scuba Iguana since 2003. She learned to dive with us and now is a PADI IDC Staff. She studies ecological tourism and loves adventure, camping, free-diving and the nature and simple life of Galapagos. She teaches dive courses and is more involved on the dive operation, internet sales and customer support. Claudia is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.



He was born in Galapagos, knows a lot about the sea and marine life as he comes from a family of local fishermen. He has been sailing around the islands all his life. Almost 5 years ago, he was one of the young fishermen who participated in a local program to leave commercial fishing and become a diver, to be more involved in the ecological tourism and protect the marine area of the islands. Now he is the newest addition to our Instructor/ Guides team.


She's the youngest and quietest of our team but a most effective accounting assistant. She was also born on the island. She's presently studying business and administration and is very proud to be one of the best students of the University. Very organized in her work!


She came to the island as baby, is our Galapagos Naturalist Guide, makes the airport transfers, high land tours, island hopping tours for our guests, and also works in the operation of the dive center. She has her own travel agency too.

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